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Aviation Marketplace
Russian Aviabusiness
Aviation Marketplace
Terms & Conditions

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All advertisements for "Aviation Marketplace" are accepted and distributed free of charge


The Advertiser accepts full responsibility for the contents of all information forwarded to the address of the Publisher. The Advertiser guarantees the Publisher that the information, provided by the Advertiser, is correct and does not violate the Law of Russian Federation on Advertising.


The Publisher reserves the right to reject Advertisement, as well as suspend or delay distribution of Advertisement.


The Publisher reserves the right to avoid or delay publication of the Advertiser's direct contact telephone and fax numbers, as well as E-mail and URL addresses of the Advertiser.


The Publisher reserves the right to translate or not translate, completely or partially, any Promotional materials received from the Advertiser, from Russian into English and from English into Russian, with the purpose of their free distribution on the Internet.


All Promotional materials created by the Publisher are the property of the Publisher and cannot be reproduced in other publications, e-media or any other mass media without written approval of the Publisher.