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Aviation Marketplace
Russian Aviabusiness
Aviation Marketplace
How To Use


How to use the market?


It is necessary to get registered before beginning to work with the market. If you are already a registered user, enter your Login and Password, chosen at the time of registration, to access the market system.


If you forgot your login or password, send us a letter to:


The system requires that your browser allow reception of cookies. It is safe for you and your computer and allows working with the market more conveniently.


Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer 5 Service > Properties...- > Security > Other > Cookies - > Allow You can enter the system from any page of the site by entering your Login and Password in the right column on the screen and pressing Enter (or "OK" button).


You will get to the main user menu. You can:
- select any section being of interest to you, and look through the ads;
- receive information about the new publications from the moment of your last visit;
- add a new publication;
- look through the list of all your publications;
- edit or delete any of your publications;
- use general or advanced search.


Having entered the system once you can freely move through all sections of the site and other sites until you complete your browser working session.


Please read Terms and Conditions of Advertisement Publication before getting to work.




We wish you successful work!


If you have any questions, write us, and we will answer!